Our Factory

Wagner Kablo has been implementing “Lean Manufacturing System” since September 2007.
As of today, more than 90% of the production lines were converted into Lean Production System. Lean Production, originally generated from “Toyota Production System”, can be described as eliminating every step, every action and every practice that does not create a value add. The focus is on modelling processes to be more efficient with also improving the quality.
Adopting lean manufacturing, has not only improved the efficiency, but also eliminated the unnecessary stock or semi-finished products, while creating an extra space in the production area.
Wagner Kablo has a goal of becoming a true “Lean Company” crediting the importance of continuous improvement and the company also implemented KANBAN, KAIZEN and 5S applications.
Wagner Kablo encourages its personnel to take active role in KAIZEN. As a result of this system, the number of applicable suggestions have been increased sharply, compared to the previous years.
After the manufacturing processes we have started Lean in Administrative processes as well.
Our target is to become a full lean company and to implement lean chain from Suppliers to the Customers.